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UNDERGROUND DOCTORS - Hosted by Henry Fonda (DVD)

Price: $19.95
Item Number: UFK580 Presents UNDERGROUND DOCTORS - Hosted by Henry Fonda (DVD)
Underground Doctors

Hosted by
Henry Fonda

Why is there any illness at all?
Why can't we get well and stay healthy?
The answer to these very questions
may well be the key to our own healing ability.

Once upon a time disease was blamed on evil spirits and the cure was to frighten the demons away. We have been told that what we call healing miracles are really natural events, misinterpreted by superstitious, primitive people.

Today with all the knowledge of modern medicine, many still look to unorthodox means for achieving and maintaining physical and spiritual health. Some of these methods -- often shocking, bizarre, and just downright amazing -- are explored here as we meet the Underground Doctors.

This program includes amazing demonstrations of healing that defy scientific explanation, along with an unprecedented collection of interviews with researchers, eyewitnesses, experiencers, and the best-known, most credible alternative healing authorities in the world today.

Hosted by Henry Fonda.

UFK580  DVD Disk  52 min  $19.95 

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