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After decades of research and discovery on the cutting edge, Apollo 14 Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell presents an elegant scientific explanation for psychic phenomena - The Quantum Hologram.
Based on the latest research in quantum physics, this program brings to the general public information previously known by only a few research scientists in the world.
~ Learn the details of a secret psychic experiment conducted by Mitchell on the Moon during his mission on Apollo 14.
~ Watch as he candidly describes a personal experience of psychic and spiritual transformation that was triggered by his Moon landing aboard Apollo 14 and which led to the discoveries presented in this program.
Dr. Edgar Mitchell became the sixth man to walk on the moon and later founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences to find scientific answers to many of humanities great mysteries such as psychic phenomenon.
UFK557 DVD Disk 60 min $24.95 UPC 1 85483 90557 5
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