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THE JOURNEY - The Anthony Woods UFO Case & Video Evidence (DVD)

Price: $24.95
Item Number: UFU511
UFOS.COM Presents THE JOURNEY - The Anthony Woods UFO Case & Video Evidence (DVD)

The Journey
The Anthony Woods UFO Case
Video Evidence


The Best Daylight UFO Footage Ever

The last film by
Graham Birdsal

The most extraordinary film evidence to date
of an active and on-going Alien presence in our skies.

Prepare to embark on a mind-bending journey with UFO Magazine, UK and the award winning UFO research team of Graham W. Birdsall and Russel Callaghan.

For the past few years, Anthony Woods has somehow attracted UFOs on a scale unprecedented in the history of ufology.

Over one year in the making, this program tells the remarkable story of his efforts to record some of the most extraordinary UFO footage ever seen.

Includes photos, video, expert analysis, and interviews with researchers, eyewitnesses, experiencers and the best known, most credible UFO authorities in the world today.

Ultimately your perception of reality will be turned inside out
by the facts presented in this award-winning film.


UFU511  DVD Disk  90 min  $24.95 

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