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Practice Yoga and Massage with your partner -- it's blissful!

Thai Yoga Massage
for Couples

Tracy Dietz, CMT

Practice yoga and do massage at the same time with your partner!

Inspired by 2,500 years of tradition and a desire to bring peace and domestic harmony into your most intimate relationships, Thai Yoga Massage for Couples is a simple, easy-to-follow practice you can do at home, anytime, in 60 minutes.

Thai Yoga Massage is commonly referred to as "passive yoga" in the West. In this meditative massage, you can practice familiar yoga poses such as the Tree, Cobra, and Corpse pose. What is unique about Thai Yoga Massage is that its done with a partner and both the giver and recipient receive the benefits of stretching, balancing of Sen (Energy) lines, and experiencing peace of mind.

Tracy Dietz/CMT trained at International Training Massage-ITM in Chiang Mai, Thailand, demonstrates a 60 minute massage sequence (which has been abbreviated for the West as in Thailand, this massage is usually 3 hours long -- including a 30 minute Supine or 15 minute Seated position.)

This abbreviated 60 minute version has been specially designed to accommodate the lifestyles of hectic Westerners, their stressed bodies and relationships.

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$29.95 65 minutes

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A portion of the proceeds go towards Domestic Violence Shelters & Aids Hospice Centers in S.F.

Tracy Dietz/CMT

Tracy has been a certified massage therapist for 13 years specializing in Thai Yoga Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki and Pre-natal massage. She currently leads workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area at the New Living Expo, East West Bookstore, Amrita Yoga studio, Bryman College, SF School of Massage. Her studio is located in the Inner Richmond in San Francisco. She also does Spa Consultations in addition to Workshops.

This DVD project began with Tracys desire to provide nurturing massage to victims of domestic violence in emergency shelters. At the same time, her students were clamoring for an instructional Thai Yoga Massage DVD they could use at home. Thus, Thai Yoga Massage DVD for Couples was created. Because of her close relationship with victims of domestic violence, she gives a portion of the proceeds towards domestic violence shelters in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tracy worked with the Westgate Corporation in Japan and taught ESL to university students in Yokohama and Tokyo in 1996-97.

She spent 3 months in 1996-97 studying Thai massage at International Training Massage (ITM) in Chiang Mai, Thailand, receiving numerous Thai massages, trekking, and enjoying the Thai culture.

Tracy received a Bachelor of Arts from Florida State University, majoring in French and worked with Partnership for Service Learning in Montpelier France in 1995.

Frequently Asked Questions
How is Thai Yoga Massage different from other massage forms?
Yoga Massage is different from other massage because it:
~ Brings benefits to both the giber and receiver;
~ One wears loose fitting clothers during the sessions;
~ And one stretches and compresses muscles while working on "Sen" or Energy lines to balance the body.
How long is the massage sequence?
You can do the massage in anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, or for as long as your schedule allows. In Thailand, it's traditionally done for 3 hours -- but Westerners are not there yet!
How simple and easy is it for couples to do?
It is very simple and easy just follow along at home. All you need are a blanket and comfortable surroundings.
How does it benefit both partners at the same time?
It helps both partners by quieting the mind first and then giving and receiving stretch to both partners.
How does it help with communication between couples?
It helps couples spend quality time with each other and promotes harmony in their bodies and minds. In particular, it helps partners to express themselves and communicate their needs and desires while massaging and stretching.
Where did you do your Thai Yoga Massage training and how long have you been doing it?
Tracy first learned about Thai Yoga Massage at Heartwood Institute in Northern California and studied more in depth at International Training Massage (ITM) in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 1996-97. Since then she has taught Thai massage to Bay Area massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, couples and yoga practitioners.

"Doing Thai yoga massage is like doing yoga and massage at the same timeThai massage is really special."

A. Clark Lac, Acupuncturist

"I've been a massage therapist for over 20 years and found it easy to follow. I think it would be good after any difficulties or hardships in any relationship."

M. Schilling, Esthetician

"The way that Tracy teaches Thai Yoga Massage is simple and beneficial for the rapport that people can have together while giving and receiving it."

M. Linney, Spa director

"The pace and the gentleness make it very intimate and very connectingit was surprisingly easy and simple."

W. Edmonson, Bodyworker

"It feels really satisfying. Any time I can get a massage I'm happy!"

A. Kahn, Yoga Instructor

Reviews on

This DVD Should Be A Part of Everyone's Home Collection!

-- By G. Hindin

I have visited Thailand many times and each time I look forward to their famous massages. This DVD is fantastic because it teaches you how to give a traditional Thai massage in the comfort of your own home. While it is marketed as a couples DVD, I have used it with my partner, my family, and my friends. I am an elementary teacher and know nothing about giving a massage, but I found this DVD so easy to follow. The visual, step-by-step instructions are wonderful and the great thing is you can do the entire massage or just segments of it depending on how much time you have. It is set up so you can stop and start it and concentrate on specific areas of the body if you just want to spend 15 minutes giving and receiving. It's a must for anyone who is interested in leaning the traditional techniques of Thai massage. I love it!!!!!

Good for Relationships...



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