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TANTRIC YOGA FOR LOVERS (DVD) with Steve and Lokita Carter

Price: $19.95
Item Number: GS3830DVD presents TANTRIC YOGA FOR LOVERS (DVD) with Steve and Lokita Carter, as featured in the collection.

Tantric Yoga for Lovers

Steve and Lokita Carter
Professional Tantra Instructors
Founders of the Ecstatic Living Institute

Do you want to improve the quality of your relationship and loving,
and share gentle exercise with your partner?

This DVD offers easy-to-learn yoga routines for lovers to increase the flow of sexual energy, develop a regular practice for toning your bodies, and balance body mind and spirit – in and out of the bedroom. 

A relaxing and energetic yoga practice for lovers that cultivates spiritual connection and prepares the body, mind and spirit for deeper intimacy.

Learn to give gentle, relaxing stretches to your partner to connect and support each other in becoming more toned and relaxed.

Awaken your life force energy and explore new ways to be together and share energy.

About the Instructors

Steve & Lokita Carter are pioneers in the art of ecstatic living. Their teachings are the result of their passion for life, love, spirituality and each other, and are founded on years of study, practice and teaching of Tantra, Eastern spirituality, massage therapy, aquatic bodywork, group facilitation and breath work. 

They founded the Institute for Ecstatic Living in 1999, and are advocates for living ecstatically every moment of our lives.

Steve & Lokita Carter are also the creators of the best-selling DVD program Tantric Massage for Lovers....which is also available from

75 Minutes   DVD   NTSC

Verified Purchase

My husband and I love this video. We have been looking for a good yoga routine to do together and this is it. It is intimate, challenging in the right ways and definitely leaves us both feeling relaxed and stretched. We are very happy with this purchase.

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