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Item Number: STVT1088D

Chantal Pierrat takes you beat by beat through Soul Sweata dance workout program that enhances coordination, tones your body, increases stamina, and gives you a whole new repertoire of moves for the dance floor. Chantal teaches each movement from its core, then shows you how to gradually add layers to connect with your dynamic flow of energy, natural sensuality, and abandoned self-expression. Filmed in Denver, Colorado, this innovative dance fitness DVD is choreographed to an electrifying worldgroove soundtrack, and includes:

45-minute Deep Sweat workout with warm-up, high-intensity dance session, and cool-down

30-minute Quick Sweat workout focuses on high-voltage cardio

Clear tutorial section breaks down 26 foundational moves and combinations into easy-to-learn steps

World music dancetrack features sonic sounds from Vargo, Shamans Dream, One at Last, Bob Holroyd, and more

Join Chantal Pierrat to ignite your spirit, build core strength, and enjoy the wildest workout of your lifeall you need are your bare feet and the willingness to get down, have fun, and let your soul dance up a sweat!

DVD, 2 hours
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