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Erotic Dancing for Your Lover

 Drive Him Wild With Sultry, Sassy Strip Tease!

Seduction: Erotic Dance Rhythms CD included

Uncover the secret pleasure of being his private dancer! See how sensuous moves can stimulate the senses, intensify desire and enrich fantasies! No matter what your age, shape or experience –– find your own seductive power and self-confidence.

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions allow you to perform the strip tease with grace, style and confidence. After each routine, students put "the moves" on their real life partner.

America's trusted sex educator, Sinclair Institute, has pulled out all the stops on this creative approach to teaching the how and why of erotic dancing.

• Sizzle! Erotic Dancing For Your Lover DVD
• Follow a class of 6 women as they master the ol' bump 'n' grind
• Learn common sense advice like how to dance effectively in high heels
• See what the "catwalk" is all about
• Chapters include "Strip Tease History," "Stretching," "The Catwalk," "Floorwork," "Props"
• Free 42 minute dance rhythm CD included
• Bonus "Cabin Fever" drama featurette included

Wendy is a voluptuous blonde who loves to dance in high heel boots. See her unleash her energy on the floor in class gentleman's club style. Later that night, she brings her new knowledge to the bedroom and sexual fireworks go off!

Susan prefers props like masks and she'd rather not wear heels. But that doesn't stop her from putting together a sexy routine her man –– and you –– will never forget! Don't miss what she does with a long string of pearls.

It's easy to learn, then create your own sexy dance style. Get started today with your own copy of the Sizzle! Erotic Dancing For Your Lover DVD. You even get a free CD full of fresh beats!

Theme: How to Guide, Instructional DVD

Seduction: Erotic Dance Rhythms CD included. 

45 Minutes + 59 Minutes of Bonus Material   DVD

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