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SECRETS OF DREAMLAND with Norio Hayakawa (2 DVD SET)

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UFOS.COM Presents SECRETS OF DREAMLAND with Norio Hayakawa (2 DVD SET)
Area 51
Secrets of Dreamland
(2 DVD SET) 

UFOS, Top Secret Technology and The New World Order

Norio Hayakawa

Area 51 is the most secret U.S. military test facility in the world. Government documents reveal a connection between US military black budget programs & alien technology at Area 51.

In this two DVD Special Edition, Norio Hayakawa, a leading expert on US government black budget programs and technology, reveals alleged super aeronautics and avionics, worldwide data control systems and a variety of startling mind-control weaponry.

Using such diverse sources as CNN, US News & World Report and Jane's Defense Weekly, Hayakawa links the placement of extensive underground installations, secret biotechnology, highly publicized cattle mutilations and non-lethal defense systems to corroborate his position that a secret international cabal is preparing to stage a phony extraterrestrial event in the very near future.

The technology required to create such an event is now in final preparation at Area 51.

See for yourself -- photographs and video evidence of all these alarming developments from one of the foremost researchers of UFOs and Area 51 in the world.

UFU436 * 2 DVD Disks * 270 min * $19.95 

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