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One Light Healing Touch
by Ron Lavin, M.A.
Founder and Director of One Light Healing Touch schools

A DOCUMENTARY FILM with renowned healer Ron Lavin, M.A, 

"Healing is any action that increases communication between the Spirit and the Body, making us more whole. We are all beings of Light in physical bodies and we have the innate ability to use our Light for healing ourselves and others."
-- Ron Lavin, M.A. 

"Ron Lavin interweaves Divine Inspiration with heartfelt compassion
to create transformational healing experiences."
-- Peter Russell, author and philosopher

"Ron Lavin is a loving and talented teacher and a most-gifted hands-on healer."
-- Gerry Epstein, M.D., author

"A rare and exceptional healing video which presents "how to" exercises,
so the viewer can easily integrate his work. Network production quality." 

On this DVD You Will Learn: 

To access, strengthen and apply healing light from the Source; 
The process of Hands-on Healing;
How auras and energy centers connect us to life; 
Exercises and practices including movement, soundings and visualizations for balancing, harmonizing and healing.

~ Experience transformation and spiritual well-being through healing meditations and visualizations;
~ Learn hands-on healing techniques to access; 
~ Strengthen and apply healing energy from Source.

Ron Lavin is the Founder and Director of the international energy healing school One Light Healing Touch (OLHT). There are ten OLHT schools in Germany and four in the United States. 

The OLHT energy healing practices and techniques are drawn from holistic, esoteric and shamanic traditions. Lavin has participated in numerous landmark distant-healing studies with the NIH and he has been featured internationally in the media.

Even through the technology of a DVD, viewers report feeling 'healing energy' from the program!

One Light Healing Touch and Ron Lavin's teachings have been seen on national television including MTV, The Reporters and Geraldo.

Produced by award-winning producer Penny Price.

DVD  60 Minutes

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