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Item Number: UFU1146 Presents THE MYSTERY OF THE CARPATHIAN SPHINX as featured in the UFOS.COM Catalog which is FREE to Download
Mystery of the Carpathian Sphinx


Dean Haglund

Is there a government cover-up concealing the existence of extra-terrestrials?

Is there a New World Order controlled by the banks or the U.N.?

Is the industrialization of our food and water supply part of a plan to eradicate a part of the world's population?

Is there a 'spiritual' dimension?

Join Dean Haglund and friends on a global odyssey of exploration in search of the facts behind our greatest mysteries, and to discover what it means to search for the truth in a world where conspiracies, or conspiracy theories, are everywhere.

Dean Haglund is best known by millions of fans the world over for playing one of the computer hacking Lone Gunmen on 'The X-Files' and their own spin-off series. Since then, Dean has become closely identified with the paranormal and the world of conspiracy.

Featuring: Dean Haglund, Tom Braidwood, Bruce Harwood, Dr. Nicki J. Monti, Mark Granger, Claudia Christia, Tucker Smallwood, David Sereda, Peter Davenport, Richard Dolan, Chris Fleming, Cynthia Crawford, Peter Sterling, Dr. Roger Leir, Rob Simone, Bob Dean, Jordan Maxwell, Leigh J. McCloskey, Chase Masterson, Brenda Roberts, Reg Presley, Dr. Stanley Monteith, G. Edward Griffin, Gemma Bulos, Alex Jones, Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D., William A. Tiller, Ph.D, Jeff Amaral, Doug Bilitch, Mark Bennett, Bruno Bruhwiler, Robin Tudge, Eric & Eliza Roberts.

* Bonus Interviews
* Interactive menus
* Scene Selection
* Web Enhanced
* Closed Captioning
* HD Animorphic Widescreen

Contains over 74 minutes of Bonus Footage.

2 DVD Special Edition   NTSC   218 min 

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