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OXYLIFT by "Mr. Oxygen" - Ed McCabe (LIQUID DROPS)

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Mr. Oxygen's®

The Genuine Product
from the Developer Himself,
Mr. Ed "Mr. Oxygen" McCabe

The ultimate everyday, safe, multi oxy-supplement.
Most customers buy 4 or more at a time.

Please don't write us to ask how this product compares to anything else on the market today. This is the best product -- with a singularly unique formula -- and any attempts to compare it to any other product only takes the focus away from the great results people are having with OxyLift.

We will tell you we now have LOTS of long term (former Cellfood) customers! If RESULTS are what you're after, THIS IS IT!

6 of Mr. Oxygen's
® 7 'Crown Jewels of Health' -- are all rolled into one blend, at a substantial savings!

Sorry, you're still the only one responsible for Crown Jewel #7 - your own mental and spiritual balance.

OxyLift is a highly efficient synergistic blend of powerful nutritional supplements providing the body with oxygen, hydrogen, structured water, etheric respiration energies, major and trace minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.

A survey of 100 OxyLift users inidcated that those who took it -- continuously for weeks as directed on the label -- loved it, and those merely dabbling in it  -- off and on for just a few days -- missed the whole point and benefit of the continuous application of a mild oxygenator. Which group do 
you want to be in?

Formerly OxyMune® This all-in-1 concentrate
 is a breakthrough in value, at a breakthrough price, and comes in an easy-to-carry one ounce pocket-friendly 1 oz. bottle dispenser. Now with Oxy-Uptake!

Nice 1 ounce round bottle. Approximate one month supply.

Supplement Facts
on July 19, 2015
Great stuff, really helps with oxygen at least for me a severe asthmatic.
on July 4, 2015
Well, I believe that this product along with the extra minerals, & nutrients does help me
to assimilate more oxygen, as recently I went on a 63 mile bike ride, & all I had was 2 water bottles
with this product added to the water.... I did not plan to go 63 miles, I lost something that I had to go search for,
and I could tell that I was not drinking ordinary purified water,
this product gave me the boost that I need to survive my journey, very honestly!!!

on May 11, 2015
Bought for traveling. Amazing stuff!
The more I used this product the less flavorful ordinary water seemed. Worth it!

on March 24, 2015
Oxygen gives life!
This was offered as a substitute for Dioxychlor from American Biologics. I'm feeling better!
on March 18, 2015
Good product.

By Bluff City Triumphs on April 27, 2010

Since OxyLift my 84 yr old father refuses to walk with his cane whereas before he would not even go to the mailbox
without it. My 84 yr old mother says she feels better than she remembers. I have tried other products after trying
OxyLift that claim to oxidize your cells, but none of the others have come close. The proof is in the 'feeling'!

Verified Purchase
I used to sell CellFood many many years ago from my Wellness Clinics... before OxyLift...
I used CellFood it was the best at the time... but OxyLift surpasses it!
My 90 year old Dad with Diabetes Neuropathy... has noticed a big difference in his legs since
he has been taking the OxyLift regularly!!
Read Ed McCabes book... Flood Your Body With Oxygen...
If someone has a problem with this product it is a "personal" problem.
It works... It helps... it can only make health issues better!
And almost everything takes time... if it is good for you.

By Carmel on March 16, 2013
Verified Purchase
I ordered this product for my sister who is fighting skin cancer, she started a oxygen therapy protocol
along with some other natural oriented treatments and within 3 months she is cancer free.
I started taking it also for improved health and to detox.

Verified Purchase
With organic food being grown in depleted soils, and air in cities and suburbs that don't contain much oxygen,
I've been in the search for a product that helps supplement my body with these essentials. I've been taking
OxyLift for two months now, and am amazed how the addition of oxygen and ionic minerals in Oxylift has
increased the dynamic qualities of my energy. As someone passionate about moving energy in the body to
maintain balance and bring harmony through the practice of qigong for the last sixteen years, I highly recommend
Oxylift to any anyone, including those who practice energy breathing and the energy arts who want to give their cells
the food that maintains health. If you've been looking for a way to participate in your own health and wellness,
or want to repair and renew your body from any health condition, oxygen is key and so are the ionic minerals found
in this product. Just a few drops in water or warm herbal tea is an easy way to feed your physical body. Oxygen
is essential. Unless you live at a 10,000 foot elevation where oxygen in the air is more plentiful, I feel anyone
seeking higher energy will benefit from this product, The six bottle pack is a fantastic deal and my order arrived
promptly and in perfect condition.

By guacamole on February 28, 2010
I tried both the oxylift and cellfood. It seems that the oxylift is a finer quality product due to the fact that I felt
much more differences when taking it. I'm not saying that you are going to be superhuman yet it gives you the
building blocks for your body to be at it's best. I was really focused and sharp when I admittingly took a much
higher dose than recommended. A must try!

By Customer on September 12, 2013
Verified Purchase
I use this to keep me breathing and have been using high amounts to help me fight some serious lung problems I have.


Verified Purchase
I read Ed McCabe's book '' Flood Your Body With Oxygen'' and I was so amazed what oxygen can do and how many amazing therapies there are.

I bought the drops for me but also my dogs and I am so happy because it is clearing up a chronic yeast infection my dog has had

in his ears. I have tried everything, and nothing has kept the yeast away because he has floppy ears. But within less than a week,

His ears are healing !!!!!


By Jewels on January 21, 2014
Verified Purchase
I was feeling anxious & frazzled around 4 o'clock & decided to try the drops instead of my usual coffee fix. Wow did this stuff work. It didn't give me the normal caffeine boost I was used to but it gave me something even better. It took me to my normal everyday feel good, high on my energy of life kind of day. I completely forgot that I had been anxious & frazzled & was simply enjoying the day, finishing my work & moving on into all the other things of the day with a clear head & an inspired imagination. Don't get me wrong, I love my coffee & there are times that I want a caffeine boost but to know there is an alternative that provides clarity & a most sought after sense of well-being, well, I wouldn't be without this stuff!


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