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Offering Enlightening Media to Schools and Libraries

Welcome to Our Wondrous World.

We believe in life-long learning. Our website is full of stimulating, empowering edutainment programming. Our mission is to disseminate these enlightening programs to eager minds the world over. 

Most of our titles are suitable for use in schools and libraries. Over the years we have had lots of positive feedback from librarians and from viewers of our videos. Please feel free to print out any of the web-pages or any of our catalogs in order to help make your selection.

ll pricing on our website is for SRP (suggested retail pricing).

Getting a Public Performance Licenses

If you wish to utilize any videos in a public screening -- like a classroom or assembly -- our producers appreciate your requesting a Public Performance License. This compensates producers for the benefits that are enjoyed by groups of students viewing these programs.

In most cases, we simply add a fee equal to the original SRP. Thus if a video has a $19.95 SRP, the Public Performance Licensed title would cost 2 x $19.95 = $39.90. We've eliminated huge fees and kept the pricing low in order to make these inspiring programs more accessible to expanding minds.

For Closed Circuit Educational Broadcasting Systems

Should you wish to use any of our programs on a closed circuit educational broadcast system, please contact us for a quote.

We can be reached M-F, 10-5pm, California time.

Please mail or email your purchase orders to:

Lightworks Audio and Video, Inc.

P.O. Box 661593

Los Angeles, California 90066


or our customer service department at

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