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Karin Hali Cohen Memorial DVD+CD Gift Set

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Item Number: KC1001

Karin Hali Cohen Memorial DVD+CD Gift Set

This Video DVD features photos of Karin, her family and the community she loved, along with 20 minutes of Karin's sweet singing in the soundtrack. 

In addition, we have compiled an Audio CD of full length songs she had prepared for her demos. They are beautiful.

Both the Video DVD and the Audio CD are included with this gift set.

These discs are not for sale. They are being made available as a "thank you" gift, for a limited time, when you make a donation to Lightworks.

Lightworks currently has an archive containing over 5000 audio recordings from decades of Whole Life Expos. We are looking to hire people, digitize the content and upload it the Internet in order to make these rare and wondrous recordings available to the public.

The Lightworks Collection currently contains over 600 videos, currently offered as DVDs, which we also intend to digitize and make available to people as streaming media.

People from around the globe are currently visiting, however, with the additional cost of shipping DVDs internationally, many of these visitors are unable to afford the postage.  

With digital channels of streaming video and downloadable audio, we can build the bridge to this global audience. 

We envision a global community being able to access this life-changing content via online channels.

To accomplish this, we are on a capital campaign to raise $1,500,000

Your support is vital and very much appreciated.
Please use the PayPal pull down menu, below, to select the amount of your donation. 

Thank you very much. 

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(Please note: Lightworks is not a 501(c)3 non-profit. Therefore, contributions are not tax deductable.)
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