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Item Number: OX1000DVD Presents Ed McCabe's FLOOD YOUR BODY WITH OXYGEN (4 DVD SET)

Mr. Oxygen Ed McCabe offers natural health information


"The Best Information on Oxygen Therapy"

"Mr. Oxygen"
Ed McCabe

The Brand New
4 Disc DVD Set
 Even More Advanced Oxy-Information
is Now Available!

Ed McCabe's 1988 bestseller Oxygen Therapies, A New Way of Approaching Disease sold over 250,000 copies by word of mouth and without a major publisher! He has also appeared on over 2,000 TV, radio, and lecture platforms. The people want what he has to say! Now, after 22+ more years of intensive international researching, visiting clinics, lecturing to huge crowds, and interviewing thousands of successful oxy-therapy users, "Mr. Oxygen" wrote it all down and taped it all for you and announces his brand new project, the best Oxygen Therapy DVD in history: The Flood Your Body with Oxygen Series.

Here's the situation in Ed McCabe's Own Words:

Part 1

Problems: Everybody gets sick eventually. Here's why. In the process of creating all these conveniences and marketplace choices, we have made a lot of bad choices and let our daily air and water become polluted, and this pollution has increasingly been collecting inside us. Also, our mass-produced processed foods are grown on mega-farm soils that are de-mineralized and also lacking natural oxygen. These two major conditions are chronically hampering our ability to get and absorb enough fresh oxygen inside us at the cellular level. This chronic low oxygen condition that we all have causes our cellular oxygen levels to drop so our blood becomes more and more polluted. Dirty blood sets the stage for all the diseases. Because we all have this condition, our health officials tell us it is 'normal' to have dark brown-purplish blood. Is it 'normal' that so many are sick? The increasing rates of viral infections and cancers are not by coincidence. The proof of this can easily be seen by looking at your own blood with specialized darkfield microscopes. You will be amazed what you find there. Our too-low cell oxygen levels encourage toxic buildups and the growth of anaerobic (can't live in active oxygen) microbes such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other pathogens inside us and inside our animals and pets, and in our plants. Anaerobes and toxicity -- slowly building up and overtaking us until we break down -- are the ultimate cause of most human, animal, and plant health problems, as well as being the precursors to the whole list of 'incurable' diseases.

Part 2

Solutions: There are proven, safe, and effective re-oxygenating and re-mineralizing techniques not presently taught in our medical schools and they're not just simply breathing oxygen from a tank and eating dirt. These little known (in our country) techniques have been used safely and effectively on the international scene daily for over 50 years by thousands of doctors. The international Oxygen Therapy doctors commonly surround anaerobic microbes, viruses, bacteria and cancer cells with active forms of oxygen they can't live in. This first oxidizes the offending toxins and microbes and cells, and then flushes them out. Flood Your Body With Oxygen lists and explores all known active Oxygen Therapies, devices, and products and ranks their effectiveness. Flood Your Body With Oxygen has plenty of photos and reveals how the doctors all over the world use these active Oxygen Therapies, and offers consumer-patient and physician-healer guidelines showing "What to watch out for".
Part 3

Evidence: Flood Your Body With Oxygen lists piles of historical and modern studies proving active oxygen's effectiveness, showing it's 50 years of prolific use internationally, and revealing the top quality documentation proving it's safety. Lists of doctors, Naturopaths, clinics, products, and contacts are included. Flood Your Body With Oxygen is written in a lively conversational style for everyone with a body. You, your doctor, the animal and plant owners, the farmers, and everybody else will be amazed at the simple profound and powerful results obtainable from these unpublicized professional techniques.


These DVDs are the best place to find out how
anaerobes cause all the anaerobic diseases!

Ed McCabe
©, Mr. Oxygen®, is an international natural detoxification expert. He has taught natural healing and natural healing information for 22+ years while strongly advocating the best natural healing options - Nature's powerful active oxygen and plant minerals. Natural health information was once hard to come by, but now Mr. McCabe has popularized and evevated natural oxygen healing, and natural mineral healing using oxygen and plant mineral supplements, to an international medical and naturopathic art. He teaches the most advanced natural therapy modalities incorporating detoxification and natural healing simply by focusing us on the best oxygen healing information available. His writings, books, lectures, videos, and DVDs are the absolute cream and cutting edge of all available health information.


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4 Disc DVD Set  NTSC  
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Rob Fordham
I think Ed Mcabe should be awarded the noble prize for his work in this field! This information is invaluable, I have the book as well as the Dvds and recommend them both. It's a crime against humanity that the powers that be, keep us from these life saving treatments. Thanks to Ed we can reclaim our power and take our health into our own hands!! Blessings Rob

Vi Movick says...  
I am a hotel manager and I live in Australia. I purchased Ed McCabe's DVD's. Now that I have watched these DVD's I would like to give it a very positive review. It most definitely worth the money and the information is absolutely invaluable. Put it on your "must get" list. I have since purchased a second copy and have highly recommended to family and friends. Thank you Ed. Good to know that Good Health can cost so little.
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