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Feng Shui
Simple Steps for Living a Harmonious Life

with Tony Cuneo

Tony Cuneo has a gift. He's a man who knows what he's doing and he can teach it to you. If you have the opportunity to study Feng Shui with Tony, seize the opportunity. 
-- Harry DeLigter, Founder and President,

Traditional Feng Shui is the art of utilizing the energy of universe to enhance our lives in positive ways. The science of Feng Shui provides remedies for freeing up energy blocks where ever they might occur in order to get back to the flow. Tony Cuneo does a great job of demonstrating where blocks may occur and explaining what remedies to use in each of these situations.

Whether a novice or a professional, this video is a must for any serious student of Feng Shui.
Join Feng Shui master Tony Cuneo in beautiful, mystical Sedona, Arizona, as he shows you how to apply these time-honored methods to the complex problems of modern living.

With live footage, compelling interviews and colorful graphics, this video clearly reveals long held secrets of the ancient art of Feng Shui.

Learn to master the 8 Stations of Life
Helpful People
New Knowledge
Health & Family, 
How to improve the flow of energy in your life.

DVD - 60 Minutes - NTSC

About Tony Cuneo:

It started on the Indian reservations in Arizona, Tony saw a group of boys running from an old Indian man. He asked the old man, "Why are those boys afraid of you?"

The old man replied, "I am a Medicine Man, are you not afraid too?"

Tony said, "No."

And the old man told Tony, "You talk to God through the top of your head and I will teach you."

The medicine man taught Tony Indian secrets that have been passed down from generation to generation to generation. He introduced Tony to other Medicine Men, Kahunas and Mystics for further training. Tony also studied Feng Shui with Black Hat Taoists, the Kabbalah with Rabbis and palm reading with Gypsies. This was just the beginning of Tony's search for knowledge.

When he was twenty-one, Tony had a serious accident in which he almost lost his life and left him with a problem of balance. One night, after his recovery, he was approached by a man who told him not to be concerned with this problem of balance -- it was due to a tumor in his stomach, it would pass, just as his father and grand father had experienced. This was true.

This man encouraged Tony to keep studying and learning throughout his life, saying that some day he would become a teacher, healer, author, speaker and a leader of people through the earth changes into the new world. Tony laughed.

In his thirties, while studying in Egypt. The same man appeared and said to him the same as before. Tony thought nothing of it. Once again he laughed and said, "I don't want the job!"

When he was in Patmos in Greece, in the cave where John wrote the book of Revelations, a Greek Orthodox Priest came to him with that same man. They said, "You did not come by accident, you were directed here." They then sent him to the monastery in Patmos to study the ancient relics from the past. Tony was approached by this same man three more times in Europe, the Middle East and America. Each time he told Tony the same thing. Tony continued to rebel with, "I don't want the job!

In his late thirties and early forties Tony traveled the world as the bodyguard of the guru Muktananda and studied the knowledge of the meditation masters. In his travels with Muktananda he was exposed to famous authors and intellectuals from all over the world and they would discuss philosophy, mysticism and religion into the late hours of the night.

Now in his fifties, Tony continues his quest for knowledge, however, he has shifted his focus to the training of others for survival in the new world.
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