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Getting Real About Our Food  Choices
Health, Environment, Economy & Human Survival

A Film by

Todd Winant

What We Choose to Eat Expresses Our Concern for the Future of Our Planet. That’s Something Each of Us Can Change.

"Todd Winant has devoted his life to educating educators, parents and students about healthy food choices and how these choices directly contribute to making this a better world. His DVD should be required viewing in every school and PTA meeting in America."
Harry DeLigter
President and Founder,
Lightworks Audio and Video, Inc.

"This is the best classroom DVD I have used in my past 19 yrs of teaching science."
G. Skubal- Chemistry /Physics Teacher. SWS.

"Our teachers loved (this) DVD."
SJF, Director of the Science Screen report

"The photography was wonderful and it held the students' interest."
J. Anthony, Science Curriculum Advistor

 “It is easy to use, relates well to state curriculum and is enjoyable to learn from.”
Librarian, S. H. School

Learn about: 
Earth's life support systems.
How humans have destroyed much of our natural resources.
The negative effect of animal and chemical agriculture on our health,

environment, economy and world hunger.
How to prevent disease and preserve natural resources.
The power of consuming and producing more organic plant foods.

Bonus Material:
How food affects the heart.

Todd Winant, a leading health and environmental educator, presents a compelling multimedia documentary that shows memorable images and important information about food, our eating habits and how our health is linked to the condition of the land.

Join Todd on this visual voyage, filled with startling images and pertinent information, and learn how the food we grow and eat affects our planet. 

This multi-media documentary is filled with compelling images and information about how we view food, how we develop eating habits and how our health is linked to the condition of the land.

Todd Winant's life work is expressed in this DVD Earth Voice Food Choice: Health, Environment, Economy and Human Survival. School teachers around the country are using this program to stimulate their students. We have a voice in changing this planet toward a more sustainable, less pollution-ridden place. That voice is expressed in our CHOICE of the foods we eat. Every morsel has an economic impact on the growers, ranchers, processors or grocers in the food chain. Let them know what you care about. Express yourself. You can VOICE your CHOICE. 

For schools, colleges, adults and children.

43 Minutes  DVD
 Both English & Spanish version on this DVD

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful By Noe on January 21, 2012
Format: DVD Verified Purchase

This DVD is exactly what I was looking for, concise, not too long, not too short! Its approach is what young people and everybody need to understand: our planet Earth is the most beautiful place in the universe (from what we know from it!), and human beings are behaving in a totally irresponsible way, destroying landscapes, habitats, resources, and soil. Much of the harm is done because of the last sixty years of increasing consumption habits and because our industrialized, hyper intensive agriculture and food industry just wants to make more and more money, without any respect for the earth, for the animals and for our own health!

I am truly thankful that some people are doing the right thing to spread a lucid vision of todays world, and to address the question of the future: how will the earth look like for the future generations, if we continue on the same path?

I will be glad to show this documentary to my students, provoke debates, and tell them that each one of us can make a difference!

By m4tch on November 6, 2013

Although 7, almost 8 years old now, the general message of this movie is a powerful one that can and should speak to everyone. The statistics are a little outdated (since it was filmed in 2006) but they are ALL part of constant growing number of concerns and issues that we face today. This movie is in my top 10 favourites when it comes to "documentaries". The speaker is good and topics flow from one seamlessly into the next. Sound quality and b-role are well editted and create further impact to the points the speaker makes throughout the film. There is a great deal of information from our solar system to the eco system on planet earth, and from major corporations down to the individual. I would recommend this to everyone, even if this does not change what or how you do things as a consumer I hope it at least leaves with a better consciousness of your actions and the combined actions of everyone on this planet.

This video was very informative. The highlights for me were the destruction of the rain forest and the leaching of the pesticides and animal waste into our water supply. And the fact that the informer wasn't over bearing or forcing a vegetarian or vegan life style on people. He just presented the facts.

By Momosa on March 21, 2014

Although this is very informative and interesting, it is also filmed like a Podcast to a group of college students. I don't really care for that type of format myself, but others may really enjoy it. Everything he begins with connects to the next topic, and it flows together a bit too much with all of the information he is trying to give us. By flowing together too much, I mean that there is no time for the viewer to make their own connections and opinions about their observations. The information seems a bit jumbled together. I like reflection time, but again others may not, and they may really enjoy this type of informational presentation.

By J. Corcoran on March 9, 2013

This video should be mandatory viewing for every student around the world. We only have one chance to get this right and we need to take action! Go Vegan and join a vegan or AR group now.

By mark dalton on March 2, 2014

This movie represents the facts of how our environment and food choices are dependent upon one another. Who wants a hamburger based on the taste and how many gallons of water does it take to produce it. The world is starving for fresh food which comes from the earth. Why can't we supply it?

Excellent documentary! Would love to own 10 of them to share with everyone.

By bittendog on February 1, 2015

Politically correct attitudes to teach to children who are to be future victims of depopulation is what this drivel is. Animal fats are demonized as the cause of all disease, and evil humans are the curse on the land that has to be eliminated. Whole grains are good for you. There is no mention of glyphosate or of atrazine in our diets from those wondrous healthy Monsanto vegetable food sources as a cause the of immune diseases he lays at the feet of cows and chickens and pigs, and no mention of todays epidemic of false diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis resulting from DHA deficiency due to the substitution of animal fats from people's diets with soy and corn and canola oils. Children are taught the same drivel we were taught fifty years ago in this film, about how we all only need plant carbs whereas animal proteins are poisonous for us, even now after it led to an obese and diabetic society filled with heart disease. He forgot that the arsenic, cadmium, lead, etc. in "healthy" whole grains is mostly in the shells, and it causes all sorts of cancers. He doesn't mention that a generation of whole grain eaters has also had twenty or more years of antacid addiction and elevated bowel cancer levels from too much harsh fiber in whole grained breads, rather than soluble fiber that one should have been eating.... Point after point he rolls on giving misinformation that's been shown to be wrong in the last ten years. But he's no doubt politically very correct. We have to kill off all the humans and the cows for the earth.



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