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Creative Positions For Lovers

The Secret To Keeping Sex Fresh And Exciting!

It's amazing how a simple change of positions can recharge your sex life! No matter how much you love sex or how long you've been at it, every couple needs a change now and then.

Our Creative Sex Positions For Lovers: Beyond The Bedroom video teaches you how to spice it up, taking your sex play from bland to breathtaking!

This sexy, stimulating video features 5 sex experts giving you practical, down-to-earth advice for keeping your relationship fresh. Real-life couples take you step by step through the positions and techniques in uninhibited erotic detail. You'll have as much fun watching this video as you'll have in trying out everything you've seen!

  • Positions for controlling speed, depth and penetration
  • Best positions for pregnant women
  • Variations on the "woman on top" position
  • Getting out of the bedroom -- finding new locations for sex right in your own home
  • Standing and oral sex in the shower
  • The best position for G-spot thrills
  • New oral sex positions
  • Sex toys for new sensations
  • The Half-Moon and Wheelbarrow positions

You don't have to be a sexual acrobat to enjoy these great techniques, you just need to be willing to try something new. Order now, and start exploring new sexual adventures!

60 minutes  DVD  NTSC 


Customer Reviews 

great dvd
judyjudy on August 7, 2011

learned alot

Buzz Member Highlight "Entering Uncharted Waters"   
Buzz Team Administrator on March 16, 2009

This is the 1st Video we have watched and 1 of only a handful of Adult Videos we have watched as a couple. I bought this video as a bit of a surprise for her, not really sure how she was going to receive it. At first things were a bit 'giggly' but as we began to realize the subject matter was being presented in an educational, yet Extremely Sexy way we really began to open up and Yearn to Learn more about Sex and Each Other quite frankly. We are very pleased with this video and recommend it to any couple looking to test the boundaries a little bit and Enter Uncharted Waters by accepting there is a possibility for better sex, letting go of inhibitions and trying something new and wonderful. Oh, and by the way she was eager to put our newly acquired knowledge to the test as we had a wonderful love making session kicked off by both of us getting very turned on watching the sexy couples demonstrate Creative Positions for Lovers.**Submitted by Sexy Love Birds**BUZZ TEAM

Add a little spice to your life!   
Lovers from Texas on August 6, 2008

This video discusses positions for intercourse and oral sex. The key is respect, creativity, and communication. The video helped us to talk about positions we like, dislike, and ones we want to try. The basic positions covered are male superior and variations, female superior and variations, sitting using a chair, rear entry, different locations (some riskier than others), the bungee love swing, and three variations of 69. The video also tells about the benefits of these positions, what to expect, and how to achieve certain goals (like deeper penetration, preventing back pain, g-spot stimulation, etc). Variety is the spice of life, so a variety of sexual positions should spice up your life.

Anonymous on May 25, 2008

This DVD covers more than one would think based on the title. The DVD is divided into 11 Chapters: Introduction, Male Superior, Variations on Male Superior, Female Superior, Sitting Positions, Creative Locations, Fun in the Shower, Rear Entry Positions, Sex Toys, Oral Sex Positions, and Being Creative with Oral Sex. This DVD features the usual high quality and real couples we have come to expect from the Sinclair Institute. It took us three times before we were able to finish the whole DVD ;-) Overall, this is a good video for couples looking to spice things up a bit by using a variety of different positions.

I felt like a voyeur in uncharted territory   
MixCoca on December 11, 2007

This movie was a pleasure to watch. I love how better sex movie series incorporates all ages, races, shapes and sizes in the videos. I felt like I was in someone’s closet peaking in at them at there most venerable moments and that really turned me on. The positions were great especially the acrobatic performance done by the black couple on the swing. I wish I was her because as soon as I watched that part of the movie I was ready to buy one of those swings immediately. This film is not too graphic and I feel that it would be a great addition to someone who is looking to spice up their love life. If you’re looking for positions this is the movie for you:):):):)

Wow! Definately Creative...   
on December 1, 2007

I thought I knew all the tricks in the book :) This Video certainly puts a twist on "regular" love making. This video is not about how to have great sex with just's about loving your husband/boyfriend etc. -- using real couples to show how to break the routine sex of a long-term relationship.

Great New Positions to Spice Up Your Sex Life!!!   
Mr. and Mrs. K on November 17, 2007

We love this DVD. This educational DVD gives many ideas for spicing up your sex life. From positions in the bedroom to positions in other rooms to positions using accessories, this DVD will not disappoint you! You may think you have every position figured out, but give this DVD a chance to change you normal routines. It also provided us ideas for spicing up positions that we enjoy on a regular basis.

Teaching an old dog new tricks!   
EroticLover on November 15, 2007

Being married for over 25 years you would think we had the position thing all figured out. Wrong! It never ceases to amaze me (and excite us) that by changing an angle or lifting a leg or placing a pillow you can get a whole different sensation. That's why I like these DVD's. It's easy to get into such a routine. Everyone needs to be challenged to spark it up with something you've never thought of. An old dog can learn new tricks. Again, as with other Sinclair instructionals, the DVD was tastefully done (without exploiting the "money shots") and a variety of couples were used. Most of us have less than perfect bodies, so watching "real" couples makes this more enjoyable.
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