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COFE201DVD: Precis of Post-Petroleum Energetics Including Seawater Agriculture

By Dennis M. Bushnell


This presentation surveys the Post Petroleum Energetics Landscape - sources, storage and conservation. Sources include biologics, PV, [Solar] Hydrogen, Advanced/"Ubiquitous" Geothermal and various classes of "nuclear". Biologics are particularly interesting for the shorter term with "Seawater Agriculture/Irrigation" utilizing Halophytes grown on "Wastelands" obviating the usual Biofuel/Bioenergy constraints of arable land and fresh water shortages. Scalable bioreactors minimize transportation economic burdens and enhance overall energy efficiency. Conservation approaches with major leverage include Thermal Diodes, CNT Computing, CNT-Enabled weight reductions and the emerging "Tele-Everything" mantras. Nanotechnology is increasingly important and enabling across the entire future energetic spectrum.


Dennis M. Bushnell is the Chief Scientist at NASA Langley Research Center. He is responsible for the technical oversight and Advanced Program formulation for a major NASA Research Center with technical emphasis in the areas of Atmospheric Sciences and Structures, Materials, Acoustics, Flight Electronics/Control/Software, Instruments, Aerodynamics, Aerothermodynamics, Hypersonic Air-breathing Propulsion, Computational Sciences and Systems Optimization for Aeronautics, Spacecraft, Exploration and Space Access. 43 years experience as Research Scientist, Section Head, Branch Head, Associate Division Chief and Chief Scientist. Technical Specialties include Flow Modeling and Control across the Speed Range, Advanced Configuration Aeronautics, Aeronautical Facilities and Hypersonic Air-breathing Propulsion. Author of 247 publications/major presentations, Member of National Academy of

Engineering, Fellow of ASME, AIAA and the Royal Aeronautical Society, Holder of 5 patents, Recipient of numerous awards including: Royal Aeronautical Society, USAF/NASP, NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement and Outstanding Leadership Medals and Distinguished Research Scientist Award. Reviewer for 40 Journals, Editor, Volume 123 of AIAA Progress Series “Viscous Drag Reduction in Boundary Layers” Responsible for invention/ development of “ riblet” approach to Turbulent Drag Reduction, High Speed “Quiet Tunnels” for Flight-Applicable Boundary Layer Transition Research, Advanced Computational Approaches for Laminar Flow Control and Advanced Hypervelocity Air-breathing and Aeronautical Concepts with revolutionary performance potential. Contributions to National Programs include Sprint, HSCT/SST, FASTSHIP, Gemini, Apollo, RAM, Viking, X15, F-18E/[patent holder for the “fix” to the wing drop problem], Shuttle, NASP, Submarine/Torpedo Technology , Americas’ Cup Racers, MAGLEV Trains and Planetary Exploration. B.S. in M.E. degree from University of Connecticut with Highest Honors, Distinction, University Scholar (1963), M.S. degree in M.E. from University of Virginia (1967).U.S. Govt. ST



COFE202 DVD:  Advances in Dense Plasma Focus (DPF) for Fusion Power & Space Propulsion.

By George Miley, PhD


The Dense plasma focus (DPF) represents one of the oldest proposed approaches to fusion power. It offer very important advantages of simplicity and a highly non-equilibrium plasma which is advantageous for burning neutron-lean fuels. The DPF has found important near-term applications in plasma processing but research on power production has lagged due to instabilities encountered at higher discharge currents in the standard approach. This presentation will discuss new, recent advances that offer significant improvements in performance.


The application to space propulsion will be discussed as one of the ways to capitalize on the ability to directly extract energetic flowing plasma from the DPF.


Dr. George Miley is a Professor in the Department of Nuclear, Plasma and Radiological Engineering and in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He is also Director of the Fusion Studies Laboratory. Dr. Miley is internationally recognized for his innovative research on advanced energy sources and energy conversion. He is a Fellow of three major professional Societies ( APS, ANS and IEEE) and has received numerous awards including the Edward Teller Medal and Guggenheim Fellowship. His books on Radiation Energy Conversion and Fusion Energy Conversions (American Nuclear Society) are classics in the field. He has written many professional journal articles, a dozen patents and has supervised over 56 PhD theses.



COFE203DVD: Nanosecond Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (nPEMF) Technology & Electro Molecular Medicine  By Glen Gordon, M.D.


After millennia of use and nearly a century of investigation the parameters of efficacy for devices alleged

to restore tissue following trauma are quickly evolving. With that arrival we will see drugs and surgery replaced in classes of applications involving inflammation, trauma, illness and aging. EB Wilson noted, “the key to every biological problem must finally be sought in the cell”. A physicist or physical chemist might have said “in the electron”, and thus electrochemistry and electro-genomics as successors to molecular physiology. The juxtaposition of unparalleled safety and increased efficacy over drugs warrants

an informed professional and consumer activism to see this technology assume its correct position as central to future healthcare. If “primum non nocere” has meaning, the universal force of electromagnetism is the place to begin.


Glen Gordon MD, A graduate of Creighton University, served in the USN during the Vietnam conflict and followed that with an Assistant Department Head position at NIH. Entering private practice in Sports Medicine, he began investigating soft tissue injuries in humans using nanosecond pulsed field (nPEMF) technology in 1980. Working 20 years with Donald Haueisen PhD, they were awarded the first patent on nanosecond PEMF technology and plan to bring the technology to American families at affordable prices. Bolstered by the recent NASA study that found dB/dt critical to efficacy he speaks widely on the electro-genomic and electrochemical efficacy of this technology.



COFE204 DVD: The Hydrogen Challenge

By James P. Dunn


This presentation shows what a difficult challenge it is to make deliver and store hydrogen economically and how we can solve this dilemma without using hydrocarbons or producing any CO2’s at a cost of less than $1/kg, equivalent to a gallon of gas.


James P Dunn is the Chief Technology Officer for the Center for Technology Commercialization, in Westborough, MA. and past Director of NASA's NE Regional Technology Transfer Center. He has over 30 years experience in high technology ventures from startups to Fortune 100 companies like IBM and Exxon. Mr. Dunn has a B.S.E.E. from Worcester Polytechnic Institute ( WPI), is a member of SAE, IEEE, EAA, and the Technology Transfer Society. He has written many papers on alternative energy topics such as Fuel Cells, Energy Storage, and Hybrid Electric vehicles; and received over 10 patents, including the “Laptop” computer. He has consulted on numerous projects in the battery, hybrid vehicle, and fuel cell fields, and was recently recognized by Fuel Cell Management Magazine as one of the world's "Top 30 Contributors" to the Fuel Cell field. He is currently developing the World's First Fuel Cell powered Electric Airplane, the E-plane, scheduled to make it's maiden flight in 2007. He is very active in the renewable energy field, and has participated in the annual Tour de Sol since 1996, sponsored by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association. In 2005 Jim Co-chaired the event including developing the new Monte Carlo Rally segment and 100 mpg challenge. Mr. Dunn is also a hybrid enthusiast, and owns a Toyota Prius and a Honda Insight hybrid car.



COFE205DVD: Tidal Power for Electricity Generation

By Martin Burger


This presentation will be about Blue Energy’s tidal power technology, specifically and generally about the emerging marine energy sector.


Martin Burger is President & CEO of Blue Energy Canada Inc. He has developed an ocean tidal power converter for megawatt power to spearhead the shift to renewable energies. He has been a pioneer of ocean energy technologies for the past 17 years.



COFE206DVD: Zero Point Energy Advances In Europe.

By Thorsten Ludwig. PhD.


This presentation will review the latest developments of ZPE and Casimir Forces in European countries. To facilitate the advancement of the current state of the art, a team of University scientists are preparing experiments to demonstrate how to tap into the quantum mechanical space energy. Torsion fields, combined with heavy ion vortices in a cavity, are being examined as a viable ZPE mechanism. Efforts are being made to develop a probe to measure the change in the zero point energy. This tool will be a key to vacuum engineering. Several new patents have come up in the last year. A recently invented magnetics semiconductor, that switches magnetic fields leading to a magnetic transistor like amplifier is of high interest.


Dr. Thorsten Ludwig is a German Physicist and the President of GASE, German Association for Space Energy.



COFE207DVD: Insight into the Operation of the SEG and Inverse Gravity Vehicle

By John Thomas, Jr.


An overview of Professor Searl and his technology. This includes a slide presentation and a brief explanation of how the law of the squares can be applied to design energy producing mechanisms


John Thomas worked as an electrical technician for 40 years. He studied under Professor John R. R. Searl from 1990 to the present. He is the author of “Antigravity: The Dream Made Reality”, the story of John R.R. Searl, co-founded the corporation Direct International Science Consortium Inc. with Professor Searl in 1995 to develop the Searl Technology, based on The Law of the Squares.



COFE208DVD: Progress in Quantum Vacuum Engineering: Nanotechnology and Propulsion

By Fabrizio Pinto, PhD.


Recent progress in the area of quantum vacuum engineering will be discussed. Quantum vacuum engineering describes the manipulation of dispersion forces, such as the van derWaals and the Casimir forces, in order to achieve a specific technological goal. Since dispersion forces dominate the interaction between neutral, polarizable particles on the nano-scale, engineering the quantum vacuum will allow for an unprecedented degree of control over nanostructures that would not be feasible with more traditional approaches. We will explore the technology revolution that will be enabled by the tight integration of intelligent semiconductor nano-devices capable of both computation and quantum vacuum based actuation in the near future. We shall also explore some intriguing effects of the curvature of space-time on dispersion forces. As we shall see, the presence of a gravitational field causes changes in the effective weight of atoms interacting via the van derWaals force, which represents the foundation for a propellant less propulsion system based on quantum vacuum engineering.


Dr Fabrizio Pinto obtained his Laureate in Physics cum laude at the University of Rome, La Sapienza, in

1984 with a thesis on globular star cluster formation. He moved to the United States in 1986 and obtained his Ph. D. at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT, with a Sigma-Xi award winning dissertation on the dynamics of globular clusters in the protogalactic halo, in 1989. He has held positions at Ricks

College, Boise State, Oregon State and Portland State University. From 1996 to 1999, Dr. Pinto was a

Scientist in the Navigation and Flight Dynamics Section of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Caltech.

While at JPL, he participated in navigation and orbital dynamics activities for the Stardust, Deep Space 1, and Galileo missions, contributed as a navigator to the exploratory panel devoted to study the feasibility of the Interstellar Space Probe, and was a senior astrophysics lecturer at the University of Southern California in the 1998-99 academic year. Since 1999, Dr. Pinto has been the President and CEO of Interstellar Technologies Corp. headquartered in Monrovia, California, a privately held company he founded and devoted to bringing profitable quantum vacuum engineering technologies to the international marketplace. The company holds an ever-growing intellectual property portfolio actively pursues both theoretical and experimental R&D at its facilities, and has published several award-winning articles in the field.



COFE209 DVD: Bio Advances with Electromagnetic Fields.

By Tania Slawecki, PhD.


Following up on H. T. Odum’s pioneering “energy” work, we have been assessing the viability of future energy technologies and fuel options through full-cost energetic evaluation. We will present our tentative findings and recommendations. This evaluation framework will be useful to apply to other promising energy technologies. As the human body is increasingly understood in bioelectromagnetic and quantum physical contexts, electromagnetic (EM) devices may prove more effective at treating certain health disorders than biochemical approaches. Therapeutic EM devices have proliferated on the open market to “enhance wellness” while in the medical community they are primarily employed as diagnostic tools. We are developing a taxonomy of EM devices to better comprehend their origins and interrelationships. Since placebo responses cloud studies of efficacy in treating health conditions, we are characterizing in detail the radiation and fields associated with these devices and their effect on physical matter, including especially water. From the scientific literature, we can clarify what fields are considered beneficial, what fields may be harmful, and where further research is required.


Dr. Tania Slawecki is an Assistant Professor of Materials at the Materials Research Institute at the Pennsylvania State University. She holds a B.A. in Astronomy/Physics, M.S. in Physics and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. She has worked as a physical scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and has served as director of Penn State’s Center for Sustainability. Together with Emeritus Professor Rustum Roy, she has been developing the new Bios-Materials Research Center at Penn State, and with her husband, Dr. Gene Bazan, is developing Neo-Terra, an organization combining the most forward-thinking ideas in green design, healing technologies, novel methods of materials manufacturing, and healthful living. Dr. Slawecki is presently serving as an advisor to the PA Governor’s Renewable Energy Council.



COFE210DVD: Experiments with Spiral Magnetic Motors

By Dr. Ted Loder


The magnetic Wankel motor, more generally termed the spiral magnetic motor, was originally developed by Kure Tekko Co. in the 1970’s and described in Popular Science (June, 1979). It used a magnetic gradient force to create rotation. A recent patent for this motor type was issued to P. Sprain in 2005. Our recent work will describe an experimental spiral motor with the goal of creating a self-running motor by using a combination of a magneto resistive rod (MR) with a piezoelectric (PZT) actuator and Wiegand wire to generate voltage pulses large enough to overcome the initial resetting (regauging) of the rotor magnets during each rotation.


Dr Ted Loder retired in May 2005 after a long and productive career as a Professor at the University Of New Hampshire, Department of Earth Sciences and member of the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space. He has conducted environmental research in numerous countries, and published extensively.



COFE211 DVD: Catalytic Energy Science

By Russ George


D2Fusion is a new business and paradigm for research and development of condensed matter nuclear energy technology. Based in Silicon Valley with additional research and engineering facilities also Los Alamos, D2Fusion’s mission is to develop compact thermal energy modules utilizing radiation free ‘cold fusion’ reactions. The development team consists of some of the most noted nuclear scientists and engineers in the world including the father of cold fusion Dr. Martin Fleischmann. Most recently they have developed high sensitivity helium mass spectroscopy methods that are both low cost and allow rapid sample analysis of helium in a deuterium background. These provide the most sensitive and useful analytic tool for observing and quantifying cold fusion reactions under near real time on-line conditions.


Russ George has been involved in research on cold fusion and solid-state nuclear phenomenon for 17 years. His work in this field has included experimental science conducted at and in cooperation with EPRI, Los Alamos and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, US Naval Research Laboratory and Stanford Research International. He is also the CEO/President of PLANKTOS Inc. which engages in delivering Global Climate change Green House Gas mitigation solutions in the field of ocean restoration and forest restoration.



COFE212 DVD: Solar Energy: Secrets of Silicon

By Jim Dunn

Jim Dunn, CEO of the NASA Center for Technological Commercialization  prides himself in being able to find funding for energy inventors, even on a large scale. Jim recently participated in helping with the Tour de Sol car race and many other projects, including hydrogen fuel cell developments. Jim is also the first person to run a plane using a fuel cell.

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