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Archangels Speak
Wisdom from the Angelic Realm

Angelic Channel Margaret Doner

"The evolution of your always happening."
-- Archangel Ariel

Explore the angelic perspective on: 
Love and forgiveness
Soul age: the journey of being human
Releasing karmic debt
Recognizing your soul group

Angels are always with us, longing to communicate their higher wisdom to aid and assist people to come into a nobler vision of what is possible for humanity. With the Archangels Speak DVD we are given the opportunity to hear clearly what they have to say. 

This program includes a fascinating channeled experience and a profound angelic meditation. Archangels Arie, Michael and Gabriel offer their words and ideas through the conduit, channeler Margaret Doner. 

Guests also ask questions of the angelic realm giving us the opportunity to better understand how the Archangels view the human experience. 


Margaret is the author of the book Archangels Speak and has been speaking with and working consciously with the angelic realm since childhood. She holds monthly channeled sessions in Hyde Park, NY to give people the opportunity to ask questions of the angelic realm. 

As well as being an angelic channel, licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master and certified Past Life Regression Therapist, Ms. Doner is also the author of novels, including: Infinite Darkness/Infinite Light and Lies and Lust in the Tudor Court: The Fifth Wife of Henry VIII.

52 Minutes  DVD
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