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Since 1997, a series of astounding developments have shattered American archaeology's most cherished beliefs. Excavations have uncovered solid evidence that ancient America was settles at least 50,000 years ago.

Further evidence suggest that mound building structures of ancient American history began to appear by 3000 B.C., after a mixture of races from the east (Atlantis), west (Mu and China), the Pacific (Polynesia) and Lost Tribes combined with Siberian nomads to eventually build the ancient mound structures we see in America today.

Additionally, this series of discoveries support predictions made by noted psychic and healer Edgar Cayce, decades before these discoveries were confirmed by scientists. Genetic evidence shows that several waves of migrations came into America from not only Siberia, but also from Polynesia, China, and Japan. A mysterious genetic type has been identified in ancient American skeletal remains as well as in some modern Native Americans. Scientific evidence proves that various people from the east and west came to the Americas by 50,000 B.C.

This program includes amazing facts about this fascinating history and features a series of spellbinding interviews with investigators, researchers, scientists and the best known Mound builder authorities in the world today.

Includes rare film footage from the 1894 Buffalo Dance, 1894 Sioux Ghost Dance and the 1913 Hopi Snake Dance.

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